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Pergola building in Arvada, Colorado and surrounding areas

Add the finish touch to your backyard in as little as one day


Pergola with cloth covering

Love how a pergola enhances your backyard experience

A pergola will change the look of your backyard for the better.

Right now, even with a deck or patio, everything may seem a little two-dimensional. Everything is flat. It’s definitely not a bad look, but you can make it so much more.

This is where your pergola building project comes in.

You can add a pergola to your deck, patio, or garden and add some POP to your backyard. Your pergola can have tall Greek columns, wood slats overhead, and a cloth covering to offer additional shade. It’ll take your yard experience to a whole new level.

Start leveling up your backyard today.

You can bring so many ideas to life with a pergola

Half of the fun of getting a pergola is designing and playing with the look.

You can get a simple pergola for your patio and sitting wall and leave it like that. This style may work best for your home and yard!

You can also do way more.

Try adding carpet and furniture to make it comfortable. You can put a cloth covering over it for more shade and string lights through it so you can enjoy it at night too. Encourage vices to grow up the columns and through the wood, hang plants around the sides, install a swing, and make it your own.

Let’s start talking about your ideas and design options now.

Pergola over little patio with seating wall

How it Works

Here's a quick look at the pergola building process we go through with our clients.

Checklist on clipboard


Fill us in on all of your project details. We want to know all about the project you have in mind and what your vision is for your new space.

Tools in toolbag


We work our magic to make your home what you need it to be. You’ll be back to your now improved and relaxed daily routine in no time.

Hands holding house

3. enjoy your space

Now you and your loved ones can all enjoy using your wonderful new outdoor space! Host dinners, relax beneath the warm sun or night sky, and love your backyard.

Pergola Pricing

Here are the average prices for our different levels of pergola building projects.

Base Pergola with swinging bed

Basic Pergola*


12x12 standard cedar pergola stained with varying color options.

Average Pergola over patio with furniture

Average Pergola*


Redwood Timber Custom Pergola with upgraded black accent hardware, upgraded stain colors available for this option, size dependent on client need, custom details included, corbel designs custom specific.

High-End Pergola over large patio

High-End Pergola*


Size depends on client need; Sundance Louvered Aluminum retractable pergola with featured lighting, can close for full shade or open for sunlight and/or drainage, and manage it all by remote control.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your pergola and your choice of materials, finishes, and overall design. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique pergola after the consultation.

Pergola Portfolio

Here are some of the pergola building projects your neighbor's backyards in and around Lakewood, Colorado have brought us in to do for them.

Here’s What Our Customers Say…

We love helping people; it's part of our company's mission. Here are reviews from your neighbors saying how they felt about our process and their final space.


Todd did a great job on our project. He kept his word, his crew was always on time and the finished project looked great. I appreciated his good communication and willingness to adapt to my schedule. I highly recommend Saunders Construction & Renovation!

- Kathy Rausch


We have had Todd for two projects, both which were completed in a very professional manner. Installation of window trim and painting, and installation of fencing for containment of trash and recycling bins. Todd is easy to work with and very knowledgeable. We will be asking him to do some kitchen remodeling this fall.

-Michael Hurd

begin enhancing your backyard today